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Yacht school. Sailboat.

~Yachtennaya ~

Become a yacht captain


What are we teaching?

Our approach

The main problem with most sailing schools is their adherence to the Soviet system of teaching: students are "marinated" in the classroom, overloaded with theory. And by the time they go to sea, the knowledge they need is completely out of their heads.

We at Interparus have decided to go the way of maximum efficiency and benefit to the students. The best Western schools (e.g. DHH or Les Glenans) give their students only the necessary minimum of theory, devoting most of the time to practice. And it is reasonable, because new knowledge is much faster and more firmly fixed in memory when you apply it intensively in practice under the supervision of an experienced instructor, who is always ready to support and back up.

Also the experience that we have adopted from the old European schools is to start training on yachts no bigger than 40 feet. This allows the novice cadets not to be afraid of the yacht and to get a feel for its size."

Sasha Goron, founder of Interparus

Sasha Goron

Our practice bases

yachting school in France

La Rochelle

yachting school in Turkey


yachting school in Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

yachting school in France

Côte d'Azur

~Our team~

interparus instructors

Alexey Burlakov Yacht School Instructor

Alexey Burlakov

Senior Instructor

Excellent skipper-instructor and experienced specialist in family yacht cruises. Videographer, journalist and the soul of the Interparus YouTube channel.

Sasha Goron is a yacht school instructor.

Sasha Goron

The skipper of Interparus

The main dreamer and inspirer, the man who made it all come true, the founder of INTERPARUS sailing school.

Konstantin Rogozin Yacht School Instructor

Konstantin Rogozin


Since childhood in sailing, thousands of miles of charter and racing under his belt, graduated many students. Leading instructor of Interparus School.

Yuri Konstantirovsky Yacht School Instructor

Yuri Konstantinovsky


Experienced skipper, specializing in the management of large yachts. Excellent mechanic, knows the structure of the yacht like no one else. Chief of our base in Montenegro.

Yuri Konstantirovsky Yacht School Instructor

Andriy Gorbach


Since childhood in sport yachting. Has no small amount of racing experience. Well versed in offshore fishing and loves to sail any boat that has sails.

Konstantin Bogatkov Yacht school instructor

Konstantin Bogatkov


Skipper and experienced yacht instructor. He knows the Dodecanese and Turkey from Finike to Cesme better than his apartment.

Sailboat management

Want to learn how to sail
or improve your skippering skills.



Motor Yacht Management

Learn to sail a powerboat,
RIB or a full motor yacht?


Inshore Skipper POWER course

This is a basic powerboat skipper course that allows beginners to learn how to sail small powerboats independently and obtain your first international Inshore Skipper POWER license.

‍Graduates ofthe Inshore Skipper Power course can sail LOA powerboats up to 16 meters, day and night, up to 20 nm offshore, in calm weather.

Cadets over 16 years of age, with little or no maritime experience are allowed.

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OFFshore Skipper POWER Course

This is an advanced motor yacht skipper course that will enable you to skipper motor yachts up to 24 meters with a MAX GT of up to 80, day and night, and offshore up to 60 nm.

Cadets with Inshore Skipper POWER or equivalent certification and a minimum of 2 logbook-confirmed independent trips of at least 28 days in 2 different regions are eligible.

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Catamaran steering

Want to learn how to sail or power a catamaran?

OUR programs


Want to develop as a skipper and pump up your skills,
can offer a range of professional development programs.

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